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I am G M Shahariar Shibli (), currently working as a Lecturer (Grade-I) at the Department of CSE, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology. I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the same university. My career aspiration is to work in leading AI research laboratories. I am looking for a Ph.D. position in Fall 2024.

My research works are intended to tackle low resource NLP, covering areas like natural language generation, summarization, question answering (QA), and interpretability of language models. I have utilized cutting-edge techniques like generative and contrastive learning to improve language generation and representation learning for low resource language. Additionally, I have applied natural language processing in specific software engineering (SE) tasks. At present, I am investigating bias, fairness and adversarial robustness in PLMs and LLMs. I am open to the possibility of collaboration. Feel free to email.

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